Upper Clapton United Reformed Women’s Fellowship


We are the women of Upper Clapton United Reformed Church formed in 1994 and membership is open to all women of the church.

The aim of the Women’s Fellowship is for women of the church to meet and support one another in a social atmosphere, with prayer and spirituality as the two pillars that complete the Women’s Fellowship triangle.

  • The fellowship provides women with multiple ways to connect spiritually, emotionally and socially as we grow in Christ and with each other
  • This is done through devotions, sharing life experiences and praying for each other helping everyone to grow in deeper spiritual life.
  • The Fellowship incorporate its aims during the year, which are fellowship, worship, service, study and giving, enabling us to share many happy and interesting times together.

As a sign of Christian love we rally round each other at times of Weddings, Births, Deaths,

Annual events include a thanksgiving service, barbecue and Christmas dinner